Freedom and Culture: The Bicentenary of the Parliamentary Abolition of the Slave Trade

Volume 7 Number 2

Freedom and Culture


This issue celebrates the bicentenary of the parliamentary abolition of the slave trade. The essays, prose pieces and poetry remind us that only by re-engaging with the past and working through its traumas can we hope to refashion the future. The issue suggests that the significance of the 2007 commemorations must be that they (re)direct us to addressing the violent and corrupting realities of contemporary life.

  • Contents
      • Shirley Chew
      • Lola Young and Nima Poovaya Smith, Culture, Resistance and Freedom
      • Lucy Evans, An Interview with Opal Palmer Adisa
      • John Picton, Romuald Hazoumé: An Itinerant Artist

        arranged by Gerard Houghton

      • Nima Poovaya Smith, An Interview with Yinka Shonibare
      • Emma Smith, An Interview with Erna Brodber
    • POETRY
      • Kwame Dawes, Stono
      • Mark McWatt, From The Museum City
      • Olive Senior, Empty Shell
      • Rommi Smith, A Guide to the Exhibition
      • Bridget Bennett, Colour Lines: A View of Leeds
      • Wayne Edge, Romuald Hazoumé, A Review of ‘La Bouche du Roi’
      • Mary Evans, Macro/Micro: Focusing on Diasporic Identity
      • Judith Misrahi-Barak, Fred D’Aguiar and Denise Harris:

        Novels of Emancipation

      • Gemma Robinson, ‘From the plantation earth’:

        Subjects of Slavery and the Work of Martin Carter

      • Wole Soyinka, The Moving Mural
      • Shirley J. Thompson, ‘The Woman Who Refused to Dance’:

        A Musical Composition