Familial & Other Conversations: Special issue on Caryl Phillips

Volume 7 Number 1

Familial And Other Conversations


A special issue that examines different facets of Caryl Phillips’s writing and which includes a contribution by Phillips himself entitled ‘A Familial Conversation’. The issue considers his fiction, non-fiction, his complex identity involving African, Britain, the Caribbean and the United States and his approach to form. The critical essays engage in conversations about family, human life, diaspora, fictional form, time and space and cultural positionality.

  • Contents
      • Bénédicte Ledent
      • Dancing in the Dark: Caryl Phillips in Conversation with John McLeod
      • Kathie Birat, ‘Really no more than a report on one man’s way of seeing’:

        Caryl Phillips’s Non-fictional Works

      • Stephen Clingman, ‘England Has Changed’:

        Questions of National Form in A Distant Shore

      • Vanessa Garcia, The Almost-Miseducation of Vanessa Garcia
      • Bénédicte Ledent, Caryl Phillips and the Caribbean as Multicultural


      • John McLeod, ‘Between two waves’: Caryl Phillips and Black Britain
      • Caryl Phillips, A Familial Conversation
      • Abigail Ward, An Outstretched Hand: Connection and Affiliation in

        Crossing the River

      • Andrew Warnes, Enemies Within: Diaspora and Democracy in

        Crossing the River and A Distant Shore

      • Louise Yelin, ‘Living State-side’: Caryl Phillips and the United States