Telling Stories/Telling Lives

Volume 6 Number 1

Telling Stories Telling Lives


The contributions in this issue-both autobiography and fiction-share a concern with the elusiveness of the past, the fickleness of memory, the journeys we embark upon and experiences gathered along the way, the compulsion to make stories and therefore sense of our lives, and recognition of their own precariousness and of being always in transit.

  • Contents
      • Shirley Chew
      • Nayantara Sahgal in conversation with Caroline Herbert and Catherine Lean
      • Abir Hamdar, Under the Heat of the Scorching Sun
      • Aamer Hussein, Insomnia
      • Sue Lermon, Three of a Kind
    • POETRY
      • Jennifer Compton, Murrimba May Not Exist!
      • Ian Duhig, Freed Time, from ‘The Play of Daniel’, Dr Minor’s Service
      • Sean O’Brien, The Apprehension
      • Landeg White, Some Silicon Heaven
      • Andrew Baker, The Lockhart River Art Gang: Uncharted Territory
      • Susan Bassnett, Dreams of a Foreign Childhood
      • Lyn Innes, Elizabeth Jessie Hickman: Australia’s Last ‘Bushranger’?
      • Linton Kwesi Johnson, Writing Reggae:

        Poetry, Politics and Popular Culture

      • Graham Mort, Crossing Borders and Beyond:

        Literature Development in Africa

      • Jay Prosser, Babylon Baghdad Bombay