Postcolonial Cities: Africa

Volume 5 Number 1

Postcolonial Cities Africa


This special issue on African cities is alert to the contradictions intrinsic to the contemporary Afriocan urban experience. The essays and creative writings explore urban growth, Casablanca, post-apartheid South Africa, and the cruelty, corruption and failure of the post-colonial city.

  • Contents
      • David Richards
    • DRAMA
      • Brendon Nicholls, Reintroducing Tsitsi Dangarembga’s

        She No Longer Weeps

      • Jackee Budesta Batanda, City Link
      • Brian Chikwava, Dancing to The Jazz Goblin & His Rhythm
      • Liz Gunner, Bettina’s Legs
    • POETRY
      • Niyi Osundare, Eko
      • Duncan Brown, Narrative, Memory, and Mapping:

        Ronnie Govender’s ‘At the Edge’ and Other Cato Manor Stories

      • Carrol Clarkson, Visible and Invisible:

        What Surfaces in Recent Johannesburg Novels?

      • M.J. Daymond, From a Shadow City: Lilian Ngoyi’s Letters, 1971-1980,

        Orlando, Soweto

      • Brian T. Edwards, Following Casablanca:

        Recasting the Postcolonial City

      • Said Graiouid, Creative Deviations in a Global Market:

        Undocumented Cultures and Moroccan Identities

      • Andrew M. Ivaska, Contesting ‘National Culture’:

        The Short Life of a Tanzanian Ban on ‘Soul’

      • Abdellatif Khayati, Picturing the Urban Homeless in Casablanca
      • Ulrike Hanna Meinhof and Zafimahaleo Rasolofondraosolo,

        Malagasy Song-Writer Musicians in Transnational Settings

      • Jane Plastow, Making Theatre in the Opera House, Asmara, Eritrea
      • Polly Savage, El Anatsui: Texts, Contexts, Textiles and Gin
      • Cheryl Stobie, Somatics, Space, Surprise: Creative Dissonance in

        Barbara Adair’s In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot