Critical Perspectives

Volume 10 Number 2

Critical Perspectives


This issue examines Michael Ondaatje’s fiction, poetry and films from fresh and interesting angles. The critical essays that make up the issue put us in touch with a powerful subtle and humane imagination that translates itself in versatile ways into the themes, characters and poetics of Ondaatje’s work.

  • Contents
      • Shirley Chew and Chandani Lokuge
      • Robert J.C. Young, An Evening with Michael Ondaatje
      • Milena Marinkova, Framing Fame:

        Michael Ondaatje’s Cinema of Affection and Liminality

      • Catherine Bates, Dancing Discard:

        Michael Ondaatje’s Elimination Dance

      • Jeffrey D. Orr, Photographic Empathy: Michael Ondaatje’s

        Running in the Family and W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants

      • Aparna Halpé, Fielding Ondaatje:

        A Brief Look at the ‘Canadian’ Response

      • Gail Jones, A Poetics of Sense: Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion
      • Gillian Roberts, The Reading Lesson Revisited:

        Educating the English Patient

      • Chandani Lokuge, The Return Journey and the Aesthetic of Rasa in

        Michael Ondaatje’s Poetry

      • Ashley Halpé, Anil’s Ghost as Symphonic Poem: Viewed in the Context of

        Michael Ondaatje’s Re-engagements with Sri Lanka

      • Natalie Diebschlag, Spectral encounters:

        Divisadero and the ethics of reading

      • Aritha van Herk, Ondaatje, Thieves, Thievery, and Theft:

        Fevered Handwriting

      • by John McLeod, Clare Barker, Caroline Herbert